About the AAR

The Association of Author's Representatives is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1991, which currently has more than 400 professional literary and dramatic agents as members. Agents must meet the AAR's minimum experience requirements and agree to adhere to its Bylaws and Canon of Ethics. Members in the Literary Branch represent authors in all areas of publishing, including the granting of primary publishing rights, as well as subsidiary rights in their clients' works. Agents in the Dramatic Branch represent playwrights and the rights to their plays.

Writers seeking representation are invited to search our public roster of members for appropriate agents, which can be found under the "Find an Agent" tab on the website. The list is organized by name, office and email address, and genres represented. Authors can be confident that our agents pledge to follow the highest standards of professional conduct in serving the needs of their clients.

For agent members, the AAR is a clearinghouse for current and pertinent information on the publishing and theatrical industries, and regularly offers panels, educational programs and social events for the membership. Our committees meet monthly to discuss important issues of the day and prepare alerts and announcements on the latest developments in areas such as contracts, royalties, electronic publishing and legal practices. The Ethics Committee is responsible for dealing with alleged violations of unethical conduct by members. Our semi-annual newsletter, The Pitch, contains articles about the agent community and current issues in book publishing and the theater world. Our blog, The AARdvark, offers current commentary on the challenging digital issues facing authors and agents every day.

The AAR maintains close working relationships with other professional organizations within the publishing and theatrical communities. We frequently collaborate on programs and share pertinent information across our respective memberships.

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